Ramsay Hunt

Patient TN, a 49 year old teacher presented with facial tightness and residual paralysis resulting from Ramsay Hunt two years prior. 


A 29 year old teacher (DA) suffered a concussion during a fall onto play equipment at work in 2018.  After two weeks off work, she was finding work difficult to cope with, needing to sleep for a few hours after work and finding simple tasks difficult as the day progressed.

Multiple Sclerosis

34 year old mother (RP) of two young children diagnosed with relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis 14 years prior. Remains independent and active riding her bike with her children to and from school each day.


A 41 year old woman (FP) woken suddenly in middle of night with severe true rotational vertigo with associated nausea and vomiting. Initial episode occurred 18 month’s ago. 


34 year old female (TM) from Hong Kong who was travelling in Northern Territory and had an Motor Vehicle Accident January 2013. She sustained fractures of the bones in the neck, spinal cord injury resulting in tetraplegia, and burns to the underarms and legs.


A 38 yo man (AT) had a history of brief episodes of vertigo when looking up or rolling over in bed at night.  He had been in a car accident two months prior and had sustained a ‘whiplash-type’ injury.


A 65 yo woman (GB) had a sudden episode of vertigo two weeks ago when she was at the hairdresser and laid back to have her hair washed. She felt that her dizziness and nausea lasted for several hours afterwards.

Acoustic Neuroma

A 34 year old man (RM) with history of right sided hearing loss and mild balance issues. Investigations by Medical Specialist revealed right Acoustic Neuroma which was removed by an ENT Surgeon by retrosigmoid excision.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Patient X experienced an aggressive case of shingles followed later by onset of face pain, trouble chewing and facial droop. After being cleared for stroke, dizziness and vertigo continued with rapid movement. 

Motor Neurone Disease

A 76 year old man (GH) with weakness below the knees, slowed speech and swallowing difficulty and a recent episode of 3 falls in one week, with sensory loss below the knees and calf cramping.


A 61 year old man (GV) suffered a left middle cerebral artery CVA in 2014. He self referred to our clinic post stroke with the aim of reducing right shoulder pain and restore functional movement.

Brain Injury

A 30 year old elite jockey (HT) suffered a traumatic brain injury in a race fall in 2007.  He initially spent two and a half years in rehabilitation centres in Melbourne and Adelaide and then was discharged home.

Parkinson's Disease

A 46 year old male (NC) diagnosed one year ago with Parkinson's Disease. Had noticed tremor of left hand and stiffness of his left arm eg. Holding arm flexed when walking.

Meniere's Syndrome

A 62 year old woman (CS) with five year history of left Meniere’s Syndrome. Following a career change, CS experienced an increase in vertiginous symptoms, currently experiencing significant vertiginous episode lasting 4-6 hours, three times a week.

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