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Vestibular Physiotherapy

Many people suffer from vestibular disorders, which make performing the tasks of daily living a challenge. The following symptoms are common experiences for patients suffering from these disorders

  • Dizziness
  • Impaired balance
  • Positional vertigo
  • Lightheadedness
  • Motion sensitivity
  • Nausea

At times, these symptoms resolve independently, but for many, they do not. For these sufferers, targeted vestibular physiotherapy can help mitigate symptoms and reduce functional limitations. The impact of these symptoms on daily living can be significant and cause far-reaching effects emotionally and mentally. Patients may experience depression and/or anxiety due to how vestibular dysfunction disrupts their daily living.

There is a range of vestibular conditions that may impact a person’s mobility and lifestyle. Some of the conditions we help manage are:

Vestibular Physiotherapy Adelaide

Our physiotherapy sessions are tailored to the individual, and their specific needs. We endeavour to help those suffering from vestibular issues take back control over their lives with the aid of professionally trained physiotherapists specialising in treating vestibular issues. Your treatment will focus on symptom control and enhanced daily functioning in order to maximise your quality of life. A treatment plan will be designed based on the types of symptoms you are experiencing, and you may find your therapy may include

  • Adaptation/Gaze stabilisation exercises
  • Gait and balance retraining
  • Canalith repositioning
  • Falls prevention
  • Transfer training
  • Habituation exercises
  • Self-management techniques

Edwina and her team specialise in treatment of people having difficulty with walking, balance, and dizziness

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Physiotherapy for neurological conditions is intended to help an individual regain as much function and mobility as possible, allowing them to move around more freely in a maximally pain-free and independent manner. Neurophysiotherapy applies the principles of neuroscience and neuroplasticity to positively impact the individual’s physical ability and independence.

Our neurophysiotherapists at Neurophysiotherapy Services are specialised experts in the treatment of mobility issues caused by injuries or disorders of the nervous system. We may help you with difficulties with balance, mobility, muscle strength, range of movement, reduced sensation, kinaesthesia, fatigue or coordination. Our therapists will assess your condition and create the best personalised care plan for you. Neurophysiotherapy may offer hands-on treatment, strength conditioning, symptom management, home exercise programs, advice regarding walking aids or orthotics to improve mobility and stability or gait retraining.

Vestibular Physiotherapy Adelaide

There is a range of neurological conditions that may impact a person’s mobility and lifestyle. Some of the conditions we help manage are:

We work with your family, carers and wider support network of medical practitioners and allied health in order to communicate our best recommendations and advice for ongoing support. Therapists may share the care of a patient to encompass different strengths and keep in regular contact with the referring Medical practitioner/Specialist or Allied health representative, to achieve the best level of care.


We are a proud National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Registered Service Provider. We welcome all NDIS participants, and we can facilitate sessions with one or several of our team of physiotherapists to best achieve your goals. Our Neurophysiotherapists will work together with you to identify these goals with a service agreement, which we review with you throughout the duration of your plan to best align with your priorities, lifestyle, and identified goals. We work with you and your wider support network to help you achieve your full potential.

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